• Limited Swarovski Edition White Hellebore Christmas Rose Cascade


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    The photos just do not capture the true beauty of this piece! The white Christmas Roses have a silver shimmer sparkle to them as do the the authentic foliage which is embellished with an icy tone swarovski crystals. This is extremely limited not to be repeated!

    This piece as with all of our cascade style Hair flowers is fully wired to bridal standard meaning you can shape and mould the components around your head to suit your style. This fixes in the hair with a strong metal alligator clip. You can hold the bud end in your hair with a hair grip. These pieces are extremely versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways most commonly across the front of the hair like a band, around top knots across the back... the list is endless and can be seen on our instagram page. 

    approx dimensions are when pulled straight 23cm long x 7cm tapering to 3cm wide x 5cm  high